Need to debug JavaScript or HTA?
Don't know where to start or set a breakpoint?
We've been there. We needed a fast JavaScript Debugger that can easily handle debugging complex JavaScript.
That's why we developed SplineTech JavaScript Debugger.

Enter URL, Press Run!
That's it, you are debugging!

Completely outside the browser!

Give yourself 5s to move mouse over an element you need to click before it pauses!

Debug without knowing where to set a breakpoint!

Revisit every step!

Step Through to skip boring code and stop in a next function call automatically!

Reformat Script:
Make minimized, obfuscated code readable and debuggable!

Call stack: which function called this one?

Current Variable panel shows
long text values.
Very convenient!

THE FASTEST Debugger on the planet! Blazingly fast! Debug huge sources with ease!

Nothing compares to it or even comes close.

SplineTech JavaScript Debugger is the fastest independent standalone JavaScript Debugger that enables you to debug JavaScript for IE completely independently of any add-ons, plug-ins, Java or any other third-party software tools.

Since SplineTech JavaScript Debugger is a 100% pre-compiled independently pre-built .exe product (not an interpreter, not based on Java or any other platform), it's the fastest JavaScript Debugging software tool available.

Native JavaScript, JScript and VBScript debugging languages are fully supported for complex JavaScript, JQuery, HTA, MS Dynamics CRM, Ext-JS and AJAX debugging scenarios.

SplineTech JavaScript Debugger Features


Malcolm Here - That Code is now completely clean - record time to find 12+ Coding errors. TX V-Much for both your help and you demonstrations. Steping through code & into functions etc is great. After a day or two, it'll be the turn of the ASP debugger, and the the VBScript debugger. TX again MG

Malcolm Gomersall, South Africa's largest portal —


I've had a day or two now to play around with the SplineTech JavaScript Debugger and I'm impressed with it. Just enter a URL and it will open the file (and included JavaScript files as you step into them) in the debugger and load it into IE. You can step thru the code, set breakpoints and watchpoints, and hover over a variable name to see its value. ...the best thing I've found. The price is very reasonable too... E-mail support is excellent...

Tracy Dryden, Independent IT Consultant (USA)


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